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Information om rådande smittspridning

Information and measures regarding the current spread of contagion

If you are a guest at Hafsten Resort, you will mainly come with a caravan, camper van or rent a cottage from Hafsten Resort. We believe that you who come with your own accommodation can fully control your local environment and thus feel as safe at Hafsten as you do at home. If you rent a cottage from us, you have your own area with a patio and a lot of air around you, and most of all camping experiences take place outdoors – which in itself is a great security. But to minimize the risk of the virus spreading and to ensure a pleasant and safe stay at Hafsten Resort, we have taken the following measures.

Community buildings and service buildings:
• We have greatly strengthened and improved our cleaning routines
• All toilets and public areas have containers for disinfection and cleaning
• In addition to the usual cleaning, we disinfect all surfaces at every cleaning session
• We disinfect handles, knobs, flush buttons, switches, etc.
(In short, all the places where you hold or press)
• Soap is available in all our service buildings so you can wash your hands frequently

Cottages & rooms:
• After each visit, we have introduced new cleaning routines
• We disinfect handles, knobs, flush buttons, switches, etc.
“In short, all the places where you hold or press
• The toilet is disinfected and made clinically clean
• Soap is available in all cabins and rooms, so you can wash your hands frequently.

Restaurant, shop and reception
Hafsten Resort is open as usual and continuously monitors developments and the current recommendations of the Public Health Agency. We have also strengthened our cleaning and hygiene routines and supplemented with additional disinfection routines, so that you as a guest can feel safe to eat, drink and socialize with us. We would like to ask our guests to wash their hands thoroughly and often, and we have also equipped all areas with hand sanitizer.

Pool area, swimming pools and bathing water
Hafsten has all operations open as usual, we follow developments and take the risk of infection very seriously. When visiting our bathing facilities, keep a social safety distance. We disinfect our pool water with chlorine and uv light/activated carbon and continuous dilution, which kills both bacteria and viruses. We keep an extra high frequency of cleaning. According to the Public Health Agency, the information is as follows: viruses cannot multiply in pool water. They can only multiply in cells e.g. in humans or animals. The infectiveness quickly subsides in pool bath water when viruses die from disinfectants or are diluted. Viruses are mainly transmitted directly from person to person in connection with pool bathing. Therefore, pool baths are no more associated with viral infection than other environments where many people stay.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you are of course always welcome to contact the reception at
0522 64 41 17 or info@hafsten.se

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