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FlyingFox Zipline

FlyingFox Zipline

Swedens longest Zipline

90 meters of altitude, a top speed of 90 km/h and 900 meters long! FlyingFox Zipline is a must for kick offs and stag parties as well as adventure seekers and families! Together with our experienced and trained guides we hike to the top of Hafsten Toppen, go through safety information, fasten the harness and then fly down the mountain and over the trees! The ride takes about 1 minute and one of our guides will receive you at the landing platform.

Are you up to the challenge? This is a ride you’ll not soon forget. The ride can be recorded with one of our action cameras for those who want to relive the experience with a cool video! The whole tour takes at approximately one  hour depending on how many people in the group.

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Submit a booking request here and we will confirm shortly. For bookings under 4 people we only ride on Saturdays from 14.00.

Safety first!

FlyingFox Zipline is a very safe activity and our trained guides have rigorous routines for control and protective equipment. There are always guides at both the takeoff and landing platform. The ride is open year-round and is only closed during strong winds and storms. If the weather is not suitable you can of course reschedule the ride.

To make the ride safe and fun, we have set some safety requirements: You should weigh at least 30 kg and a maximum of 120 kg. FlyingFox Zipline is not suitable for people who are pregnant, have back problems or high blood pressure. If you have any other health issues, you are welcome to contact us and together we can assess whether FlyingFox Zipline is suitable for you.

Opening times

Between 1 of september and 1 of may at least 4 persons apply. On Saturdays we start from 14.00. For groups of 4 people and up we can schedule a time according to your wishes.


500 kr /person and ride

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