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Pool area

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Hafstens pool area

Pool area with both large and small pools and a 86 meter long water slide

28 degrees in the water

Welcome to Hafsten’s pool area. Here you will find a children’s pool, a large swimming pool, a circular pool with shallow water and a 86 meter long water slide with landing pool. All with comfortable 28 degrees warm water. Hungry and thirsty? At Restaurant Poolkanten, inside the pool area, we serve Libakebab, Salads, Hot Dogs, Panini, Toast, Hamburgers and Ice Cream for the kids. Wine and beer sold here aswell. You can also visit Boden, a nice barbecue shack, located by the large pool, where you can buy snacks, pizza, refreshments, salads and more.

Free entrance for checked-in guests

As one of our checked-in guests you have free entrance to the pool area your whole stay. Please note that the water slide is not included, see info below.


Visitors who are not staying with us pay an admission to the pool area and water slide. The price is 125 kr per person per day.

Seasonal guests

Seasonal guests can buy an admission to the pool area for the whole season for 425 kr without water slide and 925 kr with water slide.

Seasonal admission

We also offer a seasonal admission to the pool area for non checked-in guests. This admission includes the water slide and costs 1 595 kr per person.

Water slide

Entrance to the water slide is paid for the entire stay and per person. After the 4th day, 15 kr will be added for each day. The water slide closes one hour before the pool area closes.

1 day 65 kr
2 day 115 kr
3 day 155 kr
4 day 185 kr
5 day 200 kr
6 day 215 kr
7 day 230 kr

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