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Part of Bohuslän

We at Hafsten are proud to be a part of Bohuslän. West Sweden’s beautiful gem by the sea. Here you can experience the archipelago, delicious local food and exciting activities in the great outdoors.

Camping in Bohuslän

At Bohuslän’s campsites, you can breathe the sea breeze, enjoy seafood and experience the fantastic nature by the sea. Maybe you’re thinking of getting your friends and family together to do something fun? Going on a camping trip to Bohuslän together is a great adventure with lots of fun experiences. And the range is vast! Here the campsites are plentiful and in direct proximity to the world-famous archipelago, boat trips, salty baths, fishing, deep forests and fantastic hiking trails. Whether you come here at the end of spring, in the middle of the high season, or when the late-summer shadows have settled over the campsites, there is always something exciting to experience. Read more on West Swedens website here.

Boating in Bohuslän

Boating in Bohuslän is the perfect way to discover the Bohuslän archipelago. You can take the boat all the way from Kungshamn to Smögen, discover the beautiful island of Hållö, and also take a day cruise to Uddevalla via Lysekil. Bohuslän’s archipelago offers a contrasting nature with varied experiences, with a seaside atmosphere as a common denominator. And thanks to great cooperation between shipping companies, you can experience the coastline without a boat. Read more on West Swedens website here.

Expedition Bohuslän

In Bohuslän you can view the masterpieces of the sea and nature. Meet wildlife, unique rock carvings, world-class art, exciting history and a national park below sea level. For those who are curious, this is a real adventure. Expedition Bohuslän has selected 6 destinations for you to experience a journey through the seas, cliffs, forests and lakes of the west coast. Read more on West Swedens website here.

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