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About Hafsten Resort

Hafsten Resort was already established in 1955. Since its inception, the facility has been privately owned and operated by the Grytfors family.

From farmland to tourist haven
The story of Hafsten Resort begins long before it became a holiday destination. Originally agricultural land, the area has undergone a fascinating transformation over the centuries. The first signs of tourism activity in the area date back to the mid-20th century, when its scenic beauty began to attract visitors from near and far.

A family-driven venture
What once was a simple campsite gradually evolved into a more comprehensive resort. The driving force behind this development was the vision and hard work of the Grytfors family, whose commitment to hospitality and service has been a central part of Hafsten since then. Their dedication to creating a unique holiday experience for each visitor has led to continuous development and improvement of the resort.

The beauty of nature and activities
Hafsten’s coastal location offers outstanding views of the archipelago and access to pristine beaches. Over the years, the resort has developed a wide range of activities, from relaxing spa experiences to nature adventures, making it a perfect destination for all ages.

A versatile destination
With its combination of scenic landscapes, high-quality accommodation options, and a wide range of activities and events, Hafsten has established itself as one of Sweden’s premier destinations for both national and international visitors. It’s not just a place to visit – it’s an experience to remember.

The future of Hafsten Resort
Looking towards the future, Hafsten continues to evolve, always with respect for its history and the environment. Right now, a large hotel construction with an indoor pool is underway that hopefully will increase guest nights, turnover and of course also create added value for our guests in general. Our hope is to continue to be a place where people can create memorable moments, experience Swedish nature, and enjoy world-class service.

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