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Tourist destinations worth visiting

For those of you who are craving a bit more adventure than what is available at Hafsten, there are many fun and exciting destinations to explore in Bohuslän. Below you can read about a selection of these.
10 km from Hafsten

Töllås Sheep Farm

A picturesque farm with café, shop and accommodations.
18 km from Hafsten

Bokenäs old church

From the 12th century.
21 km from Hafsten

Bohusläns Museum

Visit this fascinating cultural history museum in Uddevalla.
27 km from Hafsten

Havets Hus

A real underwater adventure.
48 km from Hafsten

Nordens Ark

Visit this fascinating zoo and observe exotic animals.
48 km from Hafsten

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet

A must visit for art enthusiasts.
66 km from Hafsten

Vitlycke Museum

See fascinating petroglyphs from the Bronze Age.
100 km from Hafsten

Kosterhavet National Park

Sweden's largest marine national park.

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