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Here at Hafsten we are well aware of the importance of taking care of nature. This is why we have been working for many years towards a better environmental approach and a more sustainable way of managing waste, electricity consumption and food preparation.

Solar panels
We use solar energy as much as possible and strive to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity consumption.

Electric vehicles
At the site, we have four charging stations for electric cars. Our caretakers and housekeepers use electric cars, electric lawnmowers and trimmers.

Charging stations
On the upper part of the campsite, we have installed charging stations for electric vehicles.

LED lighting
On site, we use LED lighting wherever possible.

Local staff
Many of our employees live locally and therefore have a short commute to work. When recruiting summer staff, we first choose people who live in the local area.

Local craftsmen
For new buildings, we use only local craftsmen wherever possible.

Disposable items at Take Away
In our restaurant, we only use disposable paper items when guests pick up their food for Take Away.

Reducing food waste
In the restaurant, we have set up clear procedures to reduce food waste.

Local food suppliers
In the restaurant, we use local suppliers as much as possible, such as… fish from Lysekil’s fish auction and meats from Gröna Gårdar.

Environmentally friendly detergents
Our housekeeping uses eco-labeled cleaning products and we are gradually working on replacing all our cleaning products with eco-labeled cleaning products.

4-stroke motor boats
Our motorboats that we rent to guests are equipped with 4-stroke engines and thus emit less exhaust fumes.

Keeping the nature reserve clean
We regularly pick up litter on the site and in the nature reserve to keep it clean.

Low-flow shower heads
In all our service buildings, we use low-flow shower heads to reduce water consumption.

Low-flush toilets
We use low-flush toilets in our facility.

Recycling of plastics, batteries and grease
We have placed bins in the reception, the restaurant and around the site with signs for soft plastic, hard plastic, paper and newspapers, etc. Our caretakers have special bins for car tires, discarded car batteries, hazardous waste, light bulbs, batteries, electronics and cables. In the restaurant, we collect all the fat in a tank and send it to Svensk fettåtervinning.

We are happy to collaborate with other facilities in the camping industry where we together develop our companies and to share ideas and to meet the customer’s wishes and needs.

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