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Boat rental

For families and children For one person
Explore the Havstensfjord by canoe, double kayak or why not with a SUP?

Are you looking for a paddle or would you rather explore the islands of Havstensfjord by kayak? Or why not invite a friend or your partner for a double kayak tour? With our canoes and kayaks, adventure on the open water is not far away.

If your interest is more in fishing trips or just enjoying the archipelago in peace and quiet, we also have motor boats and rowing boats for rent. If you want to try something extra fun, you can also rent a pedal boat or why not a SUP?

With us you will find a selection of different boats that you can rent by the hour, by the day or by the day. The prices include life jackets, nautical charts, safety briefings and help to get the motor boat started if you need. Of course, you are always welcome to the activity center if you want to know more about our boats and prices.

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