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Hiking trails

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For those who enjoy hiking, we have a lot to of beautiful trails to offer.

At Hafsten Resort we have five marked hiking trails with different levels of difficulty and views, as well as a mountain bike trail. A map is available at reception. Two of them lead to one of Sweden’s finest vantage points with fantastic views of the archipelago.

Hafsten is often known for its nature reserve but also for its beautiful forests. This beautiful hiking trail takes you through beautiful pine and birch forest and is 4.2 km long and partly on a road. The trail is easy and recommended for all ages.

Utsikten very good hike for those who like to take really nice panoramic pictures with great views of the archipelago as a background. This is also where the FlyingFox flight begins. So if you want to get an idea of what to expect when you fly the Flying Fox, we recommend taking a hike up here first.

This trail is not to be missed if you love romantic and scenic views. The view covers the entire nature reserve, the archipelago and the Havstensfjord as far as the eye can see. We have two hiking trails that lead to Hafstenstoppen. The blue trail is a bit challenging and includes some climbing. For a moderate hiking experience we recommend the ligh blue trail.

This trail is a cozy and easy hiking trail that you can take with the whole family in peace and quiet. At the end of this trail is the naturally formed giant pot, which is 8 meters in diameter. Bring your picnic basket, a blanket and take in the lovely sea scent at this secluded beach and let your everyday worries melt away.

The Strandpromenaden is a very beautiful and easy trail for cozy walks at sunrise, sunset or for a lovely excursion with the children during a morning or afternoon. Well, anytime really. The trail is partially chipped and leads through a lovely oak grove and sheep pen that is perfect for a little break where children can pet the sheep and parents can relax and have a coffee.

For those who like mental and intellectual challenges, the Tipspromenade is of course a must. Here you will find ten questions for children and ten questions for adults in our lovely pine and birch forest. The quiz starts at Mini-Spat and answer sheets and answers are available at the reception.

The Mile
If you like a long walk, the Mile is for you. This trail runs partly through vast pastures, beautiful forest, cozy residential areas and rural country roads. Don’t forget your picnic basket because there are many beautiful detours here that are perfect for quiet, sunny, family-style coffee breaks together.

The shortcut
From both the promenade, the mile, the forest loop and the view, you can reach the shortcut, which is a quick detour to the high-altitude railway and the newly built café where you can sit down for a while and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, ice cream, snacks and light refreshments in the beautiful and tall pine forest.

Near Hafsten, just outside Uddevalla, you’ll also find Herrestadsfjället, a great hiking destination. Herrestadsfjället offers dramatic nature at times with a large number of lakes, steep slopes and boulder fields. You can read more about it here and see a map of the hiking trails on Herrestadsfjället.

For those who like more challenging hiking trails, we can recommend Bohusleden. From Hafsten it is only 2 miles to the 13th stage Glimmingen – Bjursjön. You can read more about this here.

From Uddevalla there is also the Kuststigen, which is a great experience for hiking enthusiasts. It consists of 25 stages and starts from central Uddevalla, via Ljunskile, Stenungsund, Orust and Lysekil and on to the southern parts and Sotenäs Municipality. Here you can read more about Kuststigen.

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