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Thursday 20 June
Sunday 23 June 2024
Celebrate midsummer with sun, bath, warmth and great food, with us at Hafsten.

Now summer has really started! Midsummer is one of the most popular and appreciated holidays. Not least at Hafsten, where we arrange a large dance around the midsummer pole with live music, free ice cream for the kids, pony rides, live music evenings and many other fun activities for young and old. The pool area is of course open and there are many exciting activities for you and your family to discover.

Live music at the midsummer pole
Mattsson, Thorell och Kompani entertain with song and music at 14.00 on the grass beach by the midsummer pole.

Dance around the midsummer pole
at 15.00 we invite you to dance around the midsummer pole by the grass beach. Afterwards we, every child gets a free ice cream.

Live music
Both during Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day there will be live music at 19.30. On Midsummer Eve, Tomas Johansson plays in the Poolbar and on Midsummer Day, Marcus Larbring plays at Strandkanten. The admission is free. Food and drink will be served on both evenings.

During the midsummer weekend, all our activities are available and it is of course fine to book to the High Rope Course, Zipline or any other of our many activities for an extra exciting and fun midsummer weekend. Take a peek at all our activities here.

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